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ATT Promises

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I’ve lived in the Vancouver, WA suburbs for several years now.  When we moved in, I had 2G service from AT&T.  I would get 1 bar if lucky, but I dealt with the dropped calls.  I complained to AT&T who said that they would send out an engineer to evaluate my neighborhood.  Nothing changed.

I then upgraded to an iPhone 3GS in 2009.  Same issue, awful service, dropped calls, more promises of technicians coming out who never did.

This year i upgraded to an iPhone 4.  AT&T told me that the map, which says I am in solid “best” coverage, pertained to data only.  Unfortunately for the representative, the map clearly says “Voice quality.”

I have been reporting dropped calls and other issues with the AT&T Marks the Spot app.  I just looked at the Network Messages in the app, and oh look, AT&T has been promising upgrades since January. I still get 1 bar and dropped calls if i turn off my microcell.  The microcell I was forced to spend $150 on because AT&T has not made the promised “best” network function.  The microcell that stops functioning at random times and leaves the phone connected, thus rendering the phone completely useless.  The microcell that reboots often.

AT&T promises to fix the network but fails to keep those promises.  It has been 2 1/2 years and they wonder why customers are frustrated?






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