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The Mac App Store will be a huge success

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The Mac App Store will be a huge success.  Why?

  • Software discovery is simple
  • Software purchasing is simple
  • Software updating is simple
  • Uses your iTunes account, so iTunes credits work in the Mac App Store

Here is an example.  I am perusing the Mac App Store and notice there is a new Mavis Beacon for the Mac.  I wish there was a demo, so I go to the MacKiev website via the link in the store.  No demo there either, oh well.  I click Buy on the website to compare prices.  Buying on the web:

  • Click Buy
  • Click United States
  • Find software in list again and click
  • Select the version I want
  • Click Add to Cart
  • Taken to PayPal
  • Click Checkout
  • Log in to pay pal
  • Make payment
  • Get link for software
  • Click link to download software
  • Find software in Downloads folder
  • Run installer
  • Find installed software in /Applications

Compare that to the Mac App Store experience:

  • Click Buy
  • Enter iTunes credentials
  • See software downloading to the dock
  • Click icon on Dock to launch

Apple does it again.


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