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Chevy Volt – Labor Day 2012

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So today was a fun day in Voltland!  I spent less time driving today, but we did go drop off some stuff at Salvation Army and then headed down to Walmart to pick up a shower head.  While at Fred Meyers, Elizabeth noted a super sweet plush throw for $6.50, in the exact black as my cargo fabric.  I picked one up to toss over whatever might be back there just to make it that much harder to see inside.  Looks great.  The following two photos are looking through the Volt’s “rear window” which is on the back of the hatch:

Looking into Volt rear 1 Looking into Volt lower rear 2

Then I noticed red chewing gum near the brake pedal. NOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Le sigh.  I used some gum/tape dissolver on the floor mat (after testing on a part of the rear mat that lives under the seat) and got most of it out.  It had melted in the heat pretty well.  You can’t see it and I highly recommend Mötsenböcher’s #2 tape remover.

I then learned that the 2013 Volt controls how much amperage it draws from the charger, whereas with the 2012s and earlier, the 120v charger decided.  On top of this, the car defaults to 8 amps instead of 12 amps.  On top of that, the car resets to 8 amps each time the car is put into park.  The consensus amongst forums is that people want GM to change this, but also agree that this is likely to help reduce chance of fire when plugged into a shoddy outlet, or at the least, tripping an overloaded circuit.  Today is my first test at 12 amps and I will be keeping a hand on the outlet to see if it gets warm.  The car is predicting that it will charge up 58% of the battery in 7 hours when using 12 amps.  With 8 amps, it was taking 12 hours to do about the same amount.

I played around in Sport mode a bit more when getting onto the freeway and it sure is fun.  You can watch the kW drop but if you need some pep, it’s just two taps of the Driving Mode button away.

I got Pandora to work via USB but it is not all that great.  It works, but sometimes it’ll ask you to unlock the iPhone, which is pointless when driving.  The bluetooth audio streaming is fast and works well, but it cannot cause iTunes Match to download new music, and it does not see the playlists on the phone.  When using iPod as a source, I can play all of my playlists and I believe download the music, but i need to test that more.  What I could not figure out how to do was how to shuffle the playlist.  It always starts at the top and then I have to go back a few menus to turn shuffle back on.  I wonder if Apple patented putting “Shuffle” at the top of a menu.

The Bose audio system is fantastic.  Sounds really nice and as Elizabeth mentioned, with no engine noise, it sounds that much better.

We got to experience the RKE alarm today.  Elizabeth got out of the car but left her purse inside. As soon as she shut the door, the Volt started chirping the horn to let us know we were about to lock the RKE inside.  Very nice feature.

Black trim around the car shows dirt very quickly. 🙂

This is a sweet car and I hope GM can get back to being solvent and not losing money on each one.  This does seem to be the future, driving electric and augmenting with fuel until we come up with a better solution to oil.  Won’t that be the day!


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